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Address: Perkisound,

Maple Cottage, Nuneaton Road,

Over Whitacre, Coleshill B46 2NR


Perkisound is a unique, innovative and musically inspired recreation scheme designed to integrate both mainstream and special needs people based in the grounds of a former agricultural centre close to Coventry in North Warwickshire.


An organization that is spearheaded by professional musicians, we at Perkisound believe that music has the power to transcend mental and physical disability and change human lives for the good. 


Every person's life can be enhanced by music, and will benefit from the open social networking opportunities that our centre can provide. We love using music as an aid to personal and social change and betterment for individuals and want to engage the wider community to help bring out the full potential of their talents.


Perkisound provides a place to learn, enjoy and develop, and offers positive outlets and support through music study and recreation. 

The Perkisound centre is situated in a 3 acre plot surrounded by stunning fir trees in the heart of rural

north warwickshire. A space where people can express themselves freely and with confidence.


We have a music garden featuring turtle drums and large marimbas, a nest swing, an outdoor musical

trail leading to a secluded paddock for outdoor music and therapeutic purposes, a pop-up cafe,

and a superb private carpark.


Perkisound unites music with indoor/outdoor recreation as its driving force behind individual and

collective fulfillment. We love all aspects of music and believe in its primary function to enrich people's lives.


Our indoor facilities include soft play and sensory room, and two studio/music rooms.

Perkisound provides a place to learn, enjoy, and develop, and offers positive outlets and support

through music study and constructive play. 

A large sit-on Turtle Instrument



The centre will be running a series of special needs friendly events in 2018.

Called 'Perkisound Playdays' it will feature a trampoline, bouncy castle & slide and assorted outdoor group games

and singalong sessions & percussion workshops (more news as it comes!)


In addition to the standard recreation facilities such as indoor and outdoor play schemes and refreshments,

we offer music tuition for all ages and abilities in piano, keyboards, violin, guitar, flute, recorder, bassoon,

composition, and music wellbeing.


We also cater for the very young and run toddler and baby music groups. All sessions can be one-to-one, in pairs

or groups depending on preference and budget. All activities are offered at a variety of times -

Please get in touch for further details


Perkisound like to promote music and play for general health & wellbeing. We want to reach out to all sectors of society; the mainstream, and people with disabilities and communication problems such as autistic spectrum disorder, the very young and old alike.


Our funders and supporters include a number of charitable organizations such as:

  • Awards For All  (National lottery funded)

  • Variety Children's Charity

  • Children Today  

  • WPH Charitable Trust.


A big THANK YOU to you all.


We love to play, bring people together, integrate, engage, and nurture enthusiasm and talent.


So if you want to learn to play an instrument, create your own music and realise your ideas, use our extensive play facilities, or if you'd simply like to drop in for a cup of tea, a chat and a good look around, then please contact us.